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Slayer of Monsters

Book 2 of The Trianid

A world in peril. A fading faerie king. A lie that could shatter the Trianid.

The Battle of the Second Slayer is won, but peace in Dúramair is short-lived. Ylvain’s darkling elementals still roam the kingdom in a violent storm, leaving chaos and destruction in their wake. Even Faer Dinnán, the faerie king, is fading, and unless the darklings are stopped soon, all of Dúramair will find itself in mortal danger.


It falls to Alyen and the new Trianid to stem this evil and restore balance before all hope of victory is lost. But soon Alyen finds herself facing more than just the storm. Forced to confront her past and tame her own shadow side, Alyen finds that the only path to salvation may come at a steep cost: a betrayal that could rend her heart—and the Trianid—asunder.

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